Neutra-Mill 1015

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Portable floating reagent mixing and dosing equipment for water treatment.

The Neutra-Mill 1015 Systems are a series of portable, mobile water-based floating treatment systems that conduct in-situ treatment by dosing powdered or liquid reagent directly into the affected water body rather than pumping water through a treatment plant. This minimises costs associated with pumping and piping infrastructure and sludge handling.

Based on patented Neutra-Mill technology these systems are capable of dispensing up to 5 tonne of dry powdered reagent per hour. Reagent mixing and dosing can be conducted with the unit moored at a fixed location or while the unit is mobile across the surface of a standing water body. This makes the Neutra-Mill 1015 ideal for a range of applications including:

  • pH correction
  • Acid neutralisation (Acid Mine Drainage,  Acid Sulfate Soils)
  • Turbidity reduction
  • Nutrient pollution / Algal control
  • Cyanide destruction
  • Lowering Total Dissolved Salts (TDS)
  • Toxic metal removal

In addition to conducting routine treatment tasks the Neutra-Mill 1015 can be used for remediation, supplemental or rapid emergency response treatment resulting from plant failure or extreme climatic events.

The unit’s portability makes it ideal for treatment across multiple sites as well as treatment at remote and abandoned locations.

Mode of Operation

Portable floating reagent mixing and dosing equipment treating turbidity.The Neutra-Mill 1015 consists of a horizontal mixing drum supported by pontoons that can be propelled around the surface of the water body for controlled reagent dispersion allowing access to the entire surface area of the water-body.

During manual operation, 25 kg bags of dry reagent are manually loaded in to the water flushed feed chute and washed into the horizontal mixing drum.  The process can be automated by mooring the unit and feeding the mixing drum directly form a silo or auger.

A concentrated suspension of reagent exits the mixing drum directly into the water body being treated.  The rotating mixing drum:

  • Provides agitation to thoroughly mix and dissolve a range of highly soluble to sparingly soluble reagents;
  • Continually removes precipitate surface coatings that reduce reagent efficiency;
  • Minimises the release of large un-dissolved or  surface coated reagent particles;
  • Can be easily cleaned by opening the cleaning ports and operating the drum in the reverse direction.

The units can also be configured to dose liquid reagents.

Key Attributes

  • Portable (purpose-built trailer option available)
  • Rapid deployment
  • Simple operation
  • Self-contained
  • Mobile or fixed (moored) operation
  • Suitable for single or multiple water bodies
  • Suitable for remote sites and abandoned sites (no additional power requirements)
  • No additional piping or pumping infrastructure required
  • High reagent throughput for a small portable treatment systems
  • Suitable for a wide range of powdered and liquid reagents
  • Suitable for small & large treatment tasks ( 000’s ML)
  • No sludge handling requirements
  • Optional automated dosing and monitoring systems
  • Low operational and maintenance costs

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Equipment Photographs

Portable floating reagent mixing and dosing equipment for water treatment. Portable floating reagent mixing and dosing equipment treating turbidity.
Portable floating reagent mixing and dosing equipment for treating water quality issues. Portable floating reagent mixing and dosing equipment being used for treating turbidity at coal mine in Indonesia.
Results of water treatment using portable floating reagent mixing and dosing equipment. Results of water treatment using portable floating reagent mixing and dosing equipment.

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