Clear Solutions

Clear Solutions is a newsletter covering some of the latest trends, opportunities and leading practices in water quality management and treatment.

Clear Solutions No.12 (2014) – Clear Solutions for Underground Mines

In this issue: Plan ahead to avoid AMD, Managing operational water quality and odour issues, Inert atmosphere technology for post-closure AMD management
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Clear Solutions No.11 (2013) – At-Source Water Treatment

In this issue: At-Source Water Treatment – A cost-effective, portable alternative for treatment of a broad range of water quality issues
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Clear Solutions No.1 (2010) – Advances in AMD Management

In this issue: Acid and Metalliferous Drainage, AMD Characterisation, AMD Minimisation and Control and AMD Treatment
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Clear Solutions No.1 (2007) – Water chemistry

In this issue: Water Chemistry, AcidBLOCK and Introducing: Earth Systems Technologies.
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Clear Solutions No.1 (2006) – Salinity treatment

In this issue: Salinity, AMD related Salinity and ABATES: Mine Site Water Quality Freeware
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Clear Solutions No.2 (2004) – Nutrient pollution and Algal control

In this issue: Nutrient Pollution: Preventing Algal Blooms, Phoslock Dosing, Development of AlgalBLOCK and ES joins QUADREM
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Clear Solutions No.2 (2003) – Passive water treatment

In this issue: Passive Water Treatment, Land-based Dosing Units, Treatment Solutions: Process Water and ARD Workshop
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Clear Solutions No.1 (2003) – Turbidity control

In this issue: Turbidity made clear, In-situ Treatment — Water-based Dosing Units, Treatment Solutions and Water Quality Monitoring
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Clear Solutions No.1 (2002) – AMD Control and Treatment

In this issue: Acid Water, Taking the Sting out of Acid – The HALT System, Treatment Solutions and New Catalogue
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